(VIDEO) Club La Costa whistleblower reveals what the salespeople think about the product. And what they think about you…

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3 min readMay 30, 2022


What goes through his mind as you buy timeshare from him?

‘Steven’ was a high flying salesman or closer for the Club La Costa timeshare company, earning €15,000 a month.

In this candid interview he reveals what the ‘friendly’ timeshare salespeople really think of the product, and more importantly what they think about you, the prospect they are selling to.

“In the end you stop seeing them as human beings…”, Steven admits. “You have to be dispassionate about it. If you can get the people in front of you to part with money, you will take it regardless of their circumstances. It isn’t your job to protect them when you have your own family to feed.

“Once the deal was done and the client hadn’t left yet, it was a pretty big strain to maintain the appearance of affability with them.

“As soon as the clients had gone it was a huge relief to drop the act.”

“Like any of the sales force, I would sit around after work having a few beers and bragging about my achievements in basically manipulating strangers with my ‘skills.’

The business of timeshare is historically associated with significant criminal involvement, and we have disguised Steven’s identity to protect him from potentially violent reprisals.

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