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3 min readJul 25, 2022
No room at the inn. Timeshare owners unable to book their weeks

We were encouraged at the significant number of timeshare owners who responded to a Timeshare Advice Centre poll on availability when trying to book into their resorts. The results make disturbing reading

Availability poll

In the wake of recent publicity about timeshare owners being unable to book into their preferred location or dates, the Timeshare Advice Centre subsequently ran a poll (now closed) for owners to say whether or not they are satisfied with their ability to book the accommodation they have paid for. Participants could select between the main resorts affected (Club La Costa, Azure, Marriott, Silverpoint, Diamond, MGM and “other”.)

They were then given six options ranging from “I always find availability” to “I’ve given up trying to request availability”


The final tallies were as follows:

  • I always find availability: 0.48%
  • I sometimes find availability: 2.12%
  • I rarely find availability: 61.10%
  • I never find availability: 30.56%
  • I´ve given up trying to request availability: 5.74%


An overwhelming majority 91.66% of timeshare owners report that they rarely or never get the availability they want. A small but significant amount, 5.74%, have given up even trying to make the system work.

The amount of people who get exactly what they want, and for whom the system works as it was sold to them is tiny. Less than one in twenty respondents say they always find availability.

ECC comment

“Even the amount of people who say they ‘sometimes’ find the availability they want is telling,” says Andrew Cooper, CEO of European Consumer Claims (ECC). “Two percent say they sometimes get availability, compared to over sixty percent saying ‘rarely’. There is not much difference between those two words except connotation. Describing your success rate as ‘sometimes’ denotes acceptance or ambivalence. Describing it as ‘rarely’ suggests discontent.”

One thing is certain. The modern consumer is no longer satisfied with dated, expensive and clunky holiday timeshare memberships. Being able to visit the destination you want, on your preferred dates, is key to the contemporary holiday experience.

For help and advice about escaping your timeshare ownership (and in some cases claiming compensation against the resort) get in touch with ECC, for free, confidential advice.

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