Podcast exposing the lurid story of timeshare drops on all major platforms

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The inside secrets of the timeshare business revealed in a gripping series of interviews

Premium 15 episode timeshare-story podcast drops across all major platforms

The fascinating story of timeshare

Timeshare has been around since the early ’60s. It grew to occupy a lasting presence in the British national consciousness due to high-pressure sales, criminal involvement, large scale money laundering and illegal business practices. In the 1980s and 1990s barely a day went by without timeshare horror stories being trumpeted in national media. Books have been written about the business and the characters involved. Highly popular TV series and even movies have been produced.

Now that the once roaring business in Europe has died down to a whimper, the ‘glory days’ are a fading memory and the dust has settled on a post timeshare landscape, two celebrated media specialists have decided to record the story from the perspectives of the actual protagonists.

Their chosen medium is an in-depth 15 episode podcast series, told in the voices of people who played various parts in the saga. The episodes allow us to hear directly from the conmen, their victims, and also those engaged in the fight to bring the fraudsters to justice.

Leading podcast team

Leading journalist Eugene Costello and high end BBC production/presenting legend Mike McDowell teamed up to produce this comprehensive series of podcast interviews.

Eugene Costello has enjoyed a sterling career in top tier journalism, writing for such powerhouses as The Times, The Guardian, The Scotsman, Scotland on Sunday, Daily Mail, Mail on Sunday, Evening Standard, Sunday World, Debonair, Halcyon, La Femme, Maxim, FHM and many, many more.

Eugene Costello. World leading journalist

Eugene has even published multiple best selling books and now lives in Valencia where he owns and operates the critically acclaimed Valencia Life podcast.

Mike McDowell is an industry leading radio producer, journalist and presenter whose CV includes working with all leading radio networks from the BBC to CNN to Virgin Radio. He has created some of the most iconic shows of his generation, including The World Tonight, Business Matters and 5-Live Breakfast (where he also presented the show). Mike has worked with Chris Evans, Peter Allen, Jane Garvey and Becky Anderson, to name but a few.

Mike McDowell. Decades working at the upper echelons of broadcasting

Listening figures for Mike’s shows were often in excess of 200 million people.

His other talents include presenting, voiceovers for adverts and documentaries (including Animal Planet), and luckily for us: producing podcasts.

Far and wide

The entire podcast series has already ‘dropped’ on the ‘Big 3’ of Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Amazon Podcasts.

It has also been added to Rephonic, Podcast Republic, Goodpods, Pocket Cast and others.

“We expect the series to be extremely popular,” says Greg Wilson, CEO of European Consumer Claims the leading claims firm who sponsored the podcasts. “Timeshare affected a huge number of people over the last quarter of a century, from the criminals and salespeople who made their fortunes to the victims who lost money to these operations.

Greg Wilson. Timeshare expert

“Even people who did not succumb to the slick sales operations will remember being endlessly harassed by touts if they holidayed on the Spanish Costas and Islas in the 80’s and 90's.

“This is a fascinating, exceptionally well produced series of interviews and a rare insight into the often criminal workings of this multi billion pound business.”

Have questions about timeshare?

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If you fit certain criteria, you may even be due financial compensation from your resort.

Timeshare Advice Centre is the marketing arm of European Consumer Claims.

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