M1 Legal wins £73,600 timeshare compensation for Yorkshire couple

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M1 Legal: balancing the scales of justice

Life changing windfall for Wakefield timeshare victims secured by Europe’s leading firm of timeshare lawyers

Huge award

Andrew and Olivia (names changed) from the UK were awarded £73,658 by a Barcelona court last week, due to ‘lack of information’ (which generally means they were sold outlawed floating time, or points contracts).

Lawyer Patricia Criado Navas achieved the award on behalf of Andrew and Olive, who contracted European Consumer Claims just over 6 months ago.

M1 Legal

M1 Legal are the Spanish firm of timeshare lawyers who carry out the legal work for ECC, and their success rate with timeshare claims is currently 98.6%.

During the previous week at the time this article went to press, M1 achieved 13 victories in court against timeshare bad actors, with a total monetary value of £176,718

Bumper month

“So far in June 2022, we have successfully won awards worth £460,642,” says Fernando Sansegundo, head of M1 Legal in Spain. “We have several business days left and expect to once more break through the all important £500k mark on behalf of our clients.

“Besides Andrew and Olivia’s fantastic £73,600 award, there were many other significant sums awarded to other clients. We have a couple of Marriott owners from Gibraltar who we have just won over £32,000 for. Another couple won almost £30,000 against Anfi in Gran Canaria.

“These are huge amounts of money, especially when before they retained M1 Legal through ECC most clients considered themselves stuck with a product they don’t want, and was costing them a fortune every year in fees.”

Help at hand

Fernando advises anyone worried or frustrated with their timeshare to first get in touch with ECC to find out what their options are. ECC determine which clients can be helped, and how. Usually there is a way to escape from an unwanted timeshare, and ECC will let you know your best way forward. The consultation costs nothing and their advisors are friendly and helpful.

“ECC carry out the initial assessment to see whether you qualify for compensation, or just a straightforward relinquishment.

“All enquiries to ECC are treated in the strictest confidence.”

ECC provides timeshare claims services, expert advice and help

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