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4 min readJan 16, 2023
M1 Legal: The firm to trust with timeshare compensation claims

M1 Legal clients celebrate most successful ever year as December victories bring 2022 to a roaring finish, easily exceeding the most optimistic projections

Holiday season

Traditionally the Christmas period is a quieter month for timeshare claims related businesses as families focus on entertaining, gifts and travelling to celebrate with loved ones.

Practical financial planning can sometimes take a back seat as we spend our way through parties and other (admittedly enjoyable) overindulgence.

This wasn’t the case for M1 Legal clients.

“Our team was still incredibly busy even at the end of the year,” says Fernando Sansegundo, head of M1 Legal. “This December M1 lawyers achieved nearly a third of a million pounds worth of compensation victories, shared between 24 grateful clients.

“Wonderful news for these families at Christmas time.”

One overjoyed Chelmsford family received confirmation that they had been awarded a staggering £50,152 for their mis-sold Club La Costa fractional membership.

The 2022 success story

In 2022, the timeshare compensation experts at M1 racked up victories totalling £9,013,250. A stunning 50.9% increase on the previous 12 months.

“This nine million pounds was shared between 440 successful claimants,” explains Sansegundo. “The average award worked out as £20,485 per person which most people would agree is a significant sum of money.

There were huge individual winners, including a Watford family awarded £133,607 and a Newcastle couple who received an award of £100,139.

“For most clients the primary concern is to become free from the ever increasing costs of timeshare ownership,” says Fernando. “The award itself is seen as a welcome bonus.

“The contract can often be nullified relatively quickly, whereas the claim can take over a year. The client is observably relieved and grateful when informed that the financial burden of their membership has been relinquished.

“Of course it is then a very enjoyable part of our work when we get to make the next phone call, telling them about the money they have been awarded.”

Meteoric ascendency

Every year since inception, M1 Legal have convincingly improved on their previous best performances and 2022 was no exception.

“Any business is pleased when they improve year-on-year performance,” acknowledges Sansegundo. “M1’s figures are not just improvements, they are giant leaps forward.

“Revenue increases of 30%, 50%, 80% and even 100% do not happen in a marketplace approaching saturation. They are testament to the vast untapped potential in this space.

“Courts are no longer dragging their feet over punishing lawless timeshare companies. These resorts have made sickening amounts of money through illegal activity, and their victims are finally being awarded the compensation they deserve.”

Want to know more about compensation?

Timeshare is a complicated business and every case is different. Generally memberships can be relinquished with expert help, and in cases where certain criteria apply, an owner can be due compensation.

M1 Legal works together with leading claims firm European Consumer Claims (ECC). ECC assess and filter out the strongest claims which they then recommend to M1 Legal.

The consultation with ECC is free and without obligation. Get in touch with their team for expert advice.

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