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Do you want to break free?

Timeshare memberships come with uncapped maintenance fees that often start small and then rise to equal other accommodation of the same standard. Clearly this is unacceptable but timeshare contracts are impossible to escape…

…aren’t they?

What’s the problem?

Timeshare resorts cost tens of thousands of pounds to join. The sales pitch is that you are ‘paying for your holidays in advance.’

The only costs remaining (you are told) are minimal fees paid annually to cover upkeep.

So when those fees rise to the same cost as accommodation fees for any other equivalent standard hotel you have to wonder what exactly you paid all that money upfront for. Especially when you consider:

Why won’t they let you leave?

Timeshare companies used to make huge money in new member sales, back when the product was a game changing travel industry disruptor. However it failed to evolve, and regular holiday providers overtook timeshare in terms of quality, flexibility and value. Timeshare new member sales have nosedived. The main income that resorts rely on in 2023 is your annual maintenance fees.

They will not give up that revenue without a fight.

Have people tried?

Absolutely. In both Europe and the USA people have tried court actions, walking away, resales and enlisting the help of firms advertising ‘timeshare exit’ services. Generally the result is the same: expense but no success.

The companies offering relinquishment or exit services are almost (but happily not quite) all either incompetent, or sometimes downright crooks.

So what do I do?

Relinquishing by yourself is very difficult. Timeshare companies have decades of experience in fighting their corner, and an almost unlimited legal budget.

Expert help is needed to combat the experts on the other side and safely negotiate your way to freedom from the contract. But you have to be sure you are retaining competent and trustworthy representatives to avoid disappointment.

Appraising which potential firm to hire doesn’t have to be difficult as long as you follow these guidelines.

Out by Christmas?

The good news is: “If you take action now,” says Andrew Cooper, CEO of European Consumer Claims, “there is a strong chance you will have your timeshare contract relinquished before your next maintenance bill is due, by the end of this year.”

This does not apply in every case, but before you make your choice you will be given an estimated timeframe by our consultants. In some cases, you may even be due financial compensation as well.

Get in touch with our team for find out for free:

  • If we can help you relinquish
  • How long it will take
  • If you are also due any compensation

Make the choice.

There is a way out.

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