ECC extends a helping paw to Triple A animal sanctuary


From left to right: Otto, Elise, ECC’s Rachel, and Obelix

Consumer champions European Consumer Claims (ECC) continue tradition of helping local charities, with cash donation to Marbella animal sanctuary.

Triple A

Dogs need food and shelter. They also need love…

‘Amigos of Abandoned Animals’ or Triple A is a Marbella based non-profit animal sanctuary, mostly run by volunteers, dedicated to sheltering and caring for dispossessed and abused cats and dogs. From a modest beginning in 1992, when the volunteers housed abandoned animals in their own homes, Triple A has grown in size and now operates at a shelter adapted from a disused storage area near Ojen.

Triple A works together with other animal protection groups both locally and abroad. The organisation receives a subsidy from the town hall, but with 500 animals to look after and rehome, and overheads of around €50,000 a month, they are always in need of public help.


European Consumer Claims are market leaders in timeshare compensation claims. As you might expect from a company who exists to provide justice for victims of timeshare companies, ECC’s 175 strong staff are an altruistic and caring bunch. In particular, they love animals.

ECC offices (Malaga branch)

In September 2021 a huge forest fire in Estepona forced another dog charity ADANA out of their premises and ECC staff immediately jumped into action to raise money and gather supplies for the organisation.

Staying with animals, ECC marketing team member Rachel rallied the troops into action once again to collect money, this time for Triple A. “Like many people, I love all animals, “says the marketing executive. “But dogs and cats give us so much, I really feel like it’s our duty to pay them back with love and support when they are in need.”

Staff members attending a recent ECC company party donated €411 out of their own pockets, which was topped up to €1000 by the company directors.

Thank you from Triple A

How could anyone abandon this angel?

Elise Dunweber, board member and president of Triple A was delighted to accept the donation from Rachel. “This is an amazing and very welcome gesture from Rachel and all of the lovely staff at ECC,” says Elise. “They are in the ‘helping people’ business. We are so grateful that they chose to help our animals too.”

Elise and her team need all the support they can get: You can donate of course,” she confirms. “You can also personally volunteer your time to help us in our mission. Both you, and the animals will love the interaction. Maybe you even want to adopt a cat or dog. Unfortunately the two cuties in the picture with Rachel and I are spoken for. But we have hundreds of other lovely boys and girls waiting to find their new homes.”

“Get in touch to find out the best way for you personally to get involved.”


Caring: Andrew Cooper

“I am always proud of the team at ECC,” says Andrew Cooper, the company’s CEO. “They go above and beyond the call of duty for their clients every day. They regularly organise support for good causes outside of work, for humans as well as animals. Currently we are in talks to support a major refugee charity called Goodwill Caravan in a serious way.

“More news on that to follow.”

ECC is hard at work every day to assist timeshare consumers. Get in touch if you need help.

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