Anfi owners warned to ‘register claims quickly’ as administration finishing

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Time running out? Experts advise ANFI owners to claim before it is too late

As ANFI’s administration winds up, mis-sold members advised to register claims as soon as possible. Unprecedented no-win-no-fee options available from leading claims firm

Decades of mis-selling

ANFI was officially the biggest selling single-site timeshare operation in the world for many years, holding all RCI records for most income generated in a day, a week, a month, a year and even of all time. They achieved this success because of many factors: Their resort was high quality, and in a stunning location, sure. But experts believe their intrusive marketing and on-the-day ‘high pressure’ sales, supported by slick American sales trainers like Shari Levitin and Dan King, were key factors in ANFI’s runaway success.

Add to that ANFI’s refusal to abide by protective consumer laws enacted from 1999 onwards and the €120 million a year money machine begins to make sense.

Resorts were legally prohibited from taking money within the Cooling Off period, to sell floating time or points, or to sell memberships lasting over 50 years. ANFI unashamedly thundered on for well over a decade, paying zero regard to the first two laws, and flirting with the third by issuing ’49 year rolling renewal’ contract terms.

Nothing lasts forever

ANFI bosses have changed many times since the resort’s inception in 1992, presumably each gambling on not being the one caught when the ‘music stops.’ Hoping they were long gone by the time it came to face the glacial but crushing Spanish legal system.

In the last 6 years, European Consumer Claims (ECC) along with other firms have been punishing ANFI in the courts. The timeshare colossus now owes well in excess of £60 million in compensation awards to thousands of mis-sold claimants. ANFI companies have now filed for administration.

Like many other besieged former industry giants, up until now ANFI have relied on the creaking inefficiency of the Spanish courts to protect them from having to pay for their crimes.

Ordinary consumers could not cope with the delays, language barrier (most victims were British), and the counterintuitive procedures involved in claiming compensation for their losses. The timeshare company lawyers would make doomed appeal after appeal, knowing that they could drag the process out until even the most determined claimant gave up.

Claims firms led by ECC put a stop to that. They were equipped to overcome every cynical delay put forth by the timeshare companies, and now their inventive legal teams have nowhere left to hide.

No time to waste for ANFI claims

“Any ANFI owner considering a claim against the company needs to get in touch with ECC as soon as possible,” states Andrew Cooper, CEO of ECC. “This is a boat you do not want to miss.

“ANFI made a lot of money for a lot of years by cynically ignoring the law. If you are one of the people who signed up with them after 1999, then you would be well advised to contact our team our team right now to discuss your options.

“Because of the confidence ECC has in ANFI claims at this moment, we are offering options to handle these cases on a no-win-no-fee basis,” says Cooper, in a significant break from the claims industry norm.

“No-win-no-fee (NWNF) is not the best option for all clients, as cases that are managed on a NWNF basis will be subject to a higher success fee. Some clients may therefore prefer to cover the upfront cost of legal fees. It is important for individual clients to understand which option is best for them.”

Administration drawing to a close

“Potential ANFI claimants who register too late may not be able to claim in the future,” warns Andrew Cooper.

“In 2021 an historic £48 million compensation agreement was reached in the Azure case for 1400 claimants. We want people who have been taken advantage of by ANFI to similarly get their opportunity for justice.

“No-win-no-fee claims are a break from our regular business model, and for good reason,” says Cooper. “The fact that ECC is offering this option for ANFI claimants means that we believe significant and timely compensation could be forthcoming otherwise we could not commit such sizable resources to this action.

“There is zero doubt amongst industry experts that ANFI will have to pay what they owe as the administration draws to a close.”

Get in touch with ECC today if you are an ANFI owner and want to discuss your compensation options

Don’t wish you had done so later…

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